How to Participate in the Massive Marble Hunt, happening throughout the entire HMW event.

 Step 1 : Join one or all of the following Facebook Groups:

               Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt

               Humboldt Magical Glass Adventure

               Humboldt Heater Hiders & Hunters

               West Coast Glass Madness

               The Humboldt Glass Experience

               #Humboldt Rock'N Marbles&Treasures

Step 2 : Watch for clues to be posted. These will vary from riddles, photos, historical references, and videos. (HINT: Search for your town or Humboldt within groups that are not specific to Humboldt).

Step 3 : HUNT FOR MARBLES !   

Step 4 : If you find a marble be sure to say so on the post so that others won’t look for an already found marble and please make a point of thanking and Facebook friending  the artist who donated the marble. 

All hunts will be in public areas. Please be conscious of not destroying any vegetation or disturbing the public. We are all ambassadors for marble hunting and want to make sure we remain welcome in the community.