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One of the most exciting events of the weekend will be Sunday’s massive 50-marble token and scavenger hunt valued at over $10,000. The Eureka Lodging Alliance is sponsoring the hunt which starts at noon at the Clarke Plaza (3rd and E). There will be 2 separate ways to participate and possibly win one of these amazing prizes. The first will be a “token hunt”. Random tokens will be hidden around the Old Town area with clues published on the Face Book page “Humboldt Hunts Marbles”. If you can solve the clue and find the token, bring it back to the Clarke Museum to exchange it for a treasured marble. The other fun and exciting challenge will be a photographic scavenger hunt (you will need digital camera or smart phone). Starting at noon, you can pick up a sheet with challenges and riddles that will lead you on a great exploration of our beautiful and historic Old Town. When you have finished the list bring it back to the Clarke Museum to have your photos checked out and possibly win one of the marble prizes. 

Rules for Humboldt Marble Weekend Photo-Scavenger and Token Hunt on Sunday, February 11th.


-All participants must be wearing a wristband obtained from paid admission to Humboldt Marble Weekend at the Wharfinger Building (1 Marina Way, Eureka) from Saturday, Feb 10th, or Sunday, Feb 11th.(Show hours 10am to 5pm. Admission is $5 for adults. Children 12 and younger get free entry if accompanied by a paid adult.)

-The Token Hunt clues will be posted randomly in the Facebook group “Humboldt Hunts Marbles” starting on Sunday morning, February 11th. The clues will include information about what the token is and where it is hidden. If you find a token you can bring it to the Clarke Museum (240 E St, Eureka) starting at 11am to claim your prize.

-The Photo-Scavenger Hunt will start at 12pm at The Clarke Plaza (3rd and E St, Eureka). Task sheets will be handed out starting at noon. Participants will need a digital camera or camera phone to complete the tasks and take photographic evidence. Once you have completed the tasks, return to the Clarke Museum to have your list checked out. The first 35 people to complete the sheet will receive prizes.

-You may participate in both events, but only 1 marble prize will be awarded per paid participant. Children 12 and under are encouraged to be part of the fun but may not claim a prize. 

- All prizes must be claimed before 4pm.

We want to thank the Eureka Lodging Alliance for sponsoring this event!

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