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Humboldt County is a wild and beautiful area, but is geographically remote and can be a difficult place to get to.

The most straightforward plan is to book flights directly into California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County Airport (ACV).  This is a charming little airport with fantastic small-town service that, unfortunately, is also known for delays and cancellations due to weather and airport issues when connecting in San Francisco. Flights are now available connecting through LAX and Denver that offer a higher degree of predictability. If using ACV, it would be prudent to fly in a day early to avoid possibly missing a day of the show.

Other flight options include flying into either: San Francisco(SFO), Santa Rosa(STS), Sacramento(SMF), or Medford(MFR) airports and then renting a car for the scenic drive to Eureka. There are slight advantages and disadvantages to each choice , but all are between 4-6 hours drive. The cheapest and most straight forward would arguably be Sacramento, but the drive from either San Francisco or Medford are spectacularly beautiful and time well spent. 

This year's show is centrally-located in the Old Town area of Eureka which offers many hotels. We hope this encourages folks to forego daily driving and instead enjoy the walkability of our historic district. 

Below are some links to help you plan your stay while in Humboldt County. All eating and drinking establishments listed below are within walking distance from our recommended places to stay. For information on hiking and other interesting things to do, check out the Visit Humboldt  website.

Places to Stay

There are many great hotels and motels in Eureka within easy walking distance of Old Town and the Humboldt Marble Weekend show.  We recommend you start your search here.


Lost Coast Brewery

Humboldt Bay Bistro

The Greene Lily

Ramones Bakery

Old Town Coffee and Chocolates

Humboldt Bay Provisions

Café Waterfront


Siren's Song

Humboldt Cider Company

Pearl Lounge


The Shanty

The Wine Spot

The Speakeasy

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